Summerland Real Estate Information

A small census-designated place in Santa Barbara County, the community of Summerland, California, is a pleasant, close-knit community on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Its population was just over 1,500 at the 2000 census. The community is home to a school and a Presbyterian Church, and it encompasses an area of about two square miles. Residents living here have an annual median household income of just over $50,000.

The town was founded in 1883 by a real estate speculator, H.L. Williams, who named the city "Summerland" in the hopes of advertising its warm, sunny climate. Just a few years later, in the 1890s, oil was discovered and development and extraction began in the coastal areas, at the Summerland Oil Field. The city reached its peak production in 1930 and it pumped out its last oil in 1940. In the 1950s Standard Oil Co. of California, which is now Chevron, established the larger Summerland Offshore Oil Field, several miles off the coast, and it is still today in production.

The community is nearly entirely surrounded by the other community of Montecito. It lies on the coast, and is directly east of Santa Barbara, just about six miles away. Education, professional, scientific, and technical services are the industries in which the highest number of residents here are employed. The community does have a grade school, Summerland Elementary, and students are then sent to middle and high schools in nearby communities. The nearest hospital six miles away in Santa Barbara. The community has its own park, Lookout County Park, and its own post office.

Nearby Santa Barbara is host to all the amenities that Summerland, as a smaller community, is lacking. Residents can find just a short trip away cultural attractions like a symphony, ballet, several theaters and performing troupes, golf courses, parks and more.