Hope Ranch Real Estate Information

A small, suburb of Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch, California, lies in a hilly valley adjacent to the Pacific Coast in Santa Barbara County. Because it is an association, the boundaries are informal, so an exact population figure is hard to come by. Estimates at the 2000 census put the population at around 2,200 residents. The community is an association of home owners that incorporated in 1924.

The city is bordered to the south by the Pacific Ocean and by the City of Santa Barbara to the east. Its highest point of elevation is almost 700 feet. The plant life in the community consists mostly of California oak woodland and chaparral. Many homes have been designed with it in mind to blend in with the oak trees. The community is very close to the beach, with the ocean its southern border, and there is a road that leads to a private beach open only to residents, though that beach is accessible from public beaches on its sides.

Hope Ranch is a very exclusive and wealthy community. As of 2006, its median home price in the community was more than $2.5 million. Its main road is Las Palmas/Marina Drive, a road lines in palm trees that stretches along the coast. The community is home to its own golf course at the La Cumbre Country Club. Though no public schools are located within the town—students who attend public schools go to institutions in nearby communities—the Laguna Blanca School is operated here, an independent day school that has been in operation since 1933.

The city was named after Thomas Hope, an Irish immigrant who bought Mexican land grants to obtain an area of more than 6,000 acres. There are more than 25 miles of horseback riding trails in the community, and there are many residents here who own horses, some of whom choose to ride them right out on to the beaches.